"The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO"

A remarkable story about living your hear's desires


The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO
"If you are ready to live your BEST LIFE now, read this extraordinary book."

"Another AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING book by Robin Sharma."

Robin S. SHARMA est détenteur d'une maîtrise en droit et est une autorité sur la scène internationale sur le plan du leardership personnel.Il est aussi l'auteur de deux autres bestsellers MégaLiving et The factor Gandhi. Il est en constante demande à travers le monde pours ses conférences et ses séminaires auprès des compagnies, associations et institutions.

What if creating the deeply fulfilling life you've always wanted was less abouth having to change any part of yourself and more about discovering who you truly are... and then letting that magnificence shine in the world? What if, right here and right now, you realized that you already are all you've dreamed of becoming, and that transforming your life could happen quickly if you made some simple but profound shifts within the deepest part of you?

Once in a while, a book comes along that contains such power and truth it speaks to the highest parts of us and awakens us to the brilliance that our lives are meant to be. You have just found such a book. In this truly unforgettable guide, ROBUN SHARMA, author of the national bestseller Th Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and one of the wolrd's premier thinkers on life leadership, will show you how to let go of your fears, attein personal freedom, re-ceate your relationships, renew your self, and love your life. With brilliant simplicity and remarkable insight, The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO will inspire you to live your destiny and have the happiness you truly deserve.

The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO, publié par HAY HOUSE INC. 2002
ISBN 1-40190-016-X

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